Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After Early Service Conference I took a couple days of village life and went to the gorgeous little uninhabited Island called Namua. There was a couple little beach huts, a bathroom hut, and a little kitchen that some staff took a boat in to cook breakfast and dinner for us. It was incredibly beautiful and the most peaceful place. We did nothing but lay on the beach, swim in the ocean, talk and read for two days. On the second morning the tide was out so we decided to climb around the island on a small strip of beach and rock that is accessible when the water is out. It was quite an adventure. Five volunteers set out with no shoes and just there swim suites and found themselves in quit a pickle. It was incredible. There was a lot more rock climbing and wading then beach but it was something else. The waves crashed over the rocks and there were sections where we were backed up against the bottom of a cliff face. We found loads of little beaches around the island that are completely inaccessible ninety percent of the time. We got about two thirds of the way when we realized we may have miscalculated the time it would take for us to get around the island and how long it would take the tide to come in. At this point we are covered in scrapes and scratches and our feet were incredibly sore from walking over so much coral. We reached a point where it was turn or swim. We chose swim. We doggy paddled our way around the last section of the island trying to avoid huge rocks and sharp coral. We definitely added to a scrape count but we made it! What an adventure.

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