Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girls Night, Drinks and the Beach

Friday night was boys and girls night here in Samoa. This is went the current, in country volunteers, host a get together for the new volunteer’s. This is so we can have fun getting to know each other and ask the questions we might be a little tentative about. This year Blakey hosted girl’s night at her house. She served us lovely chilly with rice and CHEESE, actual cheese which we haven’t seen any of since we got here (something that has occupied my thoughts quite a bit). We also had this cold raw fish coconut soup thing called Oka and some roast chicken. It was all pretty tasty but I may not repeat the Oka adventure. We sat around chatting and eating delicious food. We got to talk to three 82s and two 81s. Blakey’s principal even came over and talked to us about gender roles and what to expect in our communities. I was really nice to hear from her because it also seemed that even though the gender roles are a little stricter here and very different then back in the State, it doesn’t mean they are wrong or bad. Yes only boys can climb up the coconut trees, this is because they love their sister and don’t want them to get hurt. Most of the tasks restricted to men are those that they wish to do show their love and respect for the women. Also the roles restricted to women are the ones they do to show their love and appreciation for their men. I am trying to see it this way, but I know it will take getting used to. Before the principle left she had us all bow our head and lavished us with the most wonderful and beautiful blessing. It is really cool to see how strong peoples faith is and how open they are with it. There is very little judgment about the other person’s faith but only the want to share their own. After she left we drank and eat a bit more then headed to a local bar to meet the boys after their boys night. It ended up being a great night, I think there were probably thirty, PCVs and PCTs there all together. I got to meet a lot of the current volunteers and it was nice to talk with them some more. After a long night of socializing we hit the hay. The next day we went to beach and it was breath taking. Blakey picked us up at ten and we spent the whole day swimming on the reef and sleeping in the open-air fales. Some of us got a little to much sun but thankfully I didn’t burn, just a little pink on my nose. Thanks Mama for the factor 50. It was a wonderful day and I can’t believe I will be spend the next two years in the beautiful country.

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