Sunday, October 3, 2010

L.A. tomorrow Samoa the next!!

So its my last day in Texas! I have had a great weekend with all the Camp ladies. We spent Friday shopping and then went to get lots of fried stuff (chicken, onion, pickles, and potatoes) with very very large margaritas. Then Saturday we went on a mad search for an army surplus store to buy a satchel, an idea which I kind of fixated on for some reason. We eventually found one and I got a great bag. We wen to go see a movie, "You Again" and I enjoyed a very large coke icy and popcorn. Then it was time for OU VS TEXAS! We spend the afternoon eating pizza and peperoni rolls, and watching the game. It was a resounding victory, well kind of ahha. With a final score of 20 to 28 I never doubted us. Then yummy British sausages smuggled back from the UK on our last trip, with lovely boiled potatoes, and salads. This last one was more of a mama meal then a Texas meal but I'm am going to miss those just as much. Today, pancakes for breakfast, Tommy Bahamas for lunch and then we have to take Meghan back to airport. As you can see I have been determined to touch, TASTE, and smell and the comforts of home. My comfy bed, my families hot tub, doing my hair, putting on a full face of make up, wearing cute clothes, and watching all my favorite shows. But beyond these kind of silly things I have just been enjoying laughing and cuddling with my family. I'm not really nervous anymore, it seems the electricity in my veins is momentarily dormant. I feel so calm and ready now. Its here and I'm ready. I cant wait to meet everyone and to see this amazing place. I have a friend that lives in LA that thinks she will even be able to see me before I check in tomorrow night. I'm sooo excited! I just know I'm going to love this. My bags have been packed for a couple days now and all I have left to do is get my flu shot. Its finally here.

P.S. thanks to Lillian I know exactly what creepy crawlies to expect ahah (this maybe one of my biggest challenges)

all the fried food!

Saying goodbye to my favorite drinks

The ladies before taking baby Camp to the airport

Boomer Sooner!!

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