Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I love about My Samoan Setup

  • My room is really huge, clean, and nice
  • My electricity is totally reliable
  • My family feeds my delicious food, including veggies and loads of fruit!! (Not usually the case in Samoan families)
  • My family is small and there are no young children, meaning I actually have quite a bit of privacy and freedom
  • I have two sisters my age so I’m not treated like a child (too much)
  • There are almost no bugs in my house!! I don’t even have to use a mosquito net at night
  • I hung up my an American flag and a Texas flag in my room as well as all my Christmas letters so my room is starting to feel homey
  • I get to look at turquoise water every morning
  • I have started jogging in the morning and its actually so beautiful here that jogging has become one of my favorite things of the day (we will see if this lasts)
  • My village is big enough that not everyone knows all my business all the time, but small enough that people are friendly and approachable
  • The church I got to with my family is pretty modern and services are only an hour (my last families church services were almost three)
  • INDOOR BATHROOMS, and they’re clean…one of them even has tile in the shower (definitely a total luxury in Samoa)
  • My family gives my a lot of freedoms, like jogging on my own and taking the bus… they have started letting me do dishes some time so this is a huge step. Next I’m going to work on getting to do my own laundry.
  • My family has a TV and American movies come on every day around lunch, which is when it rains the hardest, and I’m stuck in the house.
  • I’m not to far from town so I can use the internet about once a week, probably every two weeks once school starts
  • Sea turtles are my favorite animals and they are like the national animal here so their pictures are every where (when I dive I will get to see them for real)
  • Going for walks with my sister when the sun isn’t to strong
  • Getting to play volleyball some afternoons
  • Hot meals because my family has a microwave. Meals here are prepared in advanced during the day so usually things aren’t always hot… I get them micro waved!
  • Swimming in the ocean if someone in my family is free to take me
  • Once a month I get to cook a meal for my family! This month I did pizza and it was pretty successful!
  • I love all the little kids in my village who wave and give me a huge smile every time they see me
  • My family drinks bottled water so I don’t worry about getting sick from the water… I don’t even have to use a filter or boil it
  • Sometimes my sisters let me crack coco beans with them and this is actually really fun as well as lots of work
  • If I’m really lucky I get to hold a small child or a babe on the bus…these days always end up being really good ones
  • My mother is a seamstress so she fixed all my pulatasis that were two or three sizes too big
  • My brother in law is a taxi driver so when I get stranded, which has already happened once… he can pick me up

In conclusion I was a little wary of being one of the only Peace Cores living with a family but as you can see there are a lot of perks and in the end I am so thankful for my situation. Yes I don’t cook my own food, and yes I don’t have as much privacy or freedom…. But I have an indoor bathroom and much more. 

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