Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Jenny

the trifecta

some teachers apples I get a bouquet

me and my cousins before school

This last weekend we all met in town to celebrate the Birthday of one of my best friends here Jenny. This gorgeous and brilliant lady turned twenty three and she is so loved we all came together to celebrate with her. We went to a delicious Indian meal and then out dancing and had a great time. The next day was spent sunning by the pool then, going to a real movie, then out to a delicious Italian meal complete with chocolate cake for dessert. It was really great to see the other volunteers as usual and I am constantly reminded how amazing these people are and how blessed I am to have them here. It was hard to say good bye this time as we probably wont see each other again for till easter. Its hard to explain what its like as your not just saying bye to friends but also the self you get to be around them. We all head back to village life and the back to the people we are there. I was really down at first as it was just such a great weekend and I didn't want it to end, but then a couple of hours later I was back in my room having a laugh with my family and I realized this is good too. Its hard when two things are so different to leave on for the other because you automatically feel your leaving the good one and going to the bad. The truth is though its just so different. I am happy in my village, its a very different happy, more of a content feeling. I am also very happy socializing with my fellow volunteers and partaking in the luxuries of town, but its a more temporary crazy fun. The trick is to realize that one is not less then the other but that they are just different and they both need to exist. With out one the other wouldn't be of value or really even possible. I need my night in town a month and I also need my village time, its all part of this crazy dance called Peace Corp.

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