Friday, March 18, 2011

Me and My little Ducklings

So I have written before about the walks I take in the afternoons but there has been an interesting new development in my evening stroles. Last week I was strutting along, plugged into my ipod, on the plantation road and I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and there was a flash of color then the shadow was gone. I smiled and kept going a while before turning around and catching on of my student tailing me a couple of feet behind me. I smiled at him and then kept going. Now that I had made contact he sped up a bit and walked next to me. By the end of my walk I had three new shadows. The next day I had four and half way through my walk I took out my music and started quizzing them on some English vocab. I rewarded the kids at the end of the walk with one of the silly band bracelets I brought from America. It had now become a routing that every time I go for a walk I have a little line of ducklings tailing me. It seems to be mostly year four and five boys (3rd or 4th graders) who like to race when ever I am up to it. Yesterday me and my ducklings were the talk of the town because the boys decided, that as I was excersising and obviously looking my best I needed flowers in my hair. It is super common for women to wear flowers in their hair here but it is usually for church or when you are trying to look nice. Anyway each one of my six boys picked me a flower that I wore with pride four in my bun and one behind each ear. As we walked through town there was plenty of laughs and smiles and a couple of the boys even got the nerve up to hold my hand. I returned home and told my sisters I had the most boyfriends in all the village.

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