Friday, April 8, 2011

Cosmo in the Classroom

So I made a great sacrifice this week, I cut up my cosmo. Two of my best friends sent me a particularly juicy cosmo a couple months ago, which I have read over and over. It was a fun way to pretend that I  was back home and get lost in the stupid frivolousness and materialism of it all. The pages of cosmo couldn't be more foreign to be life here, but still it was a guilty pleasure. I could look at it and lust over the fashion and beauty products of my past. After weeks of guiltily stashing it and trying not to think about all the visual aides lurking on its pages, I gave in. I went through and cut out a million pictures, trying to avoid all the inappropriate articles and pictures. In the end I had a nice big stack of pictures, which yesterday my advance class used create word collages. They had to stick down the images I gave them and write any relevant vocab words next to them. It was a huge success. Everything is so geared toward copying and repeating, the kids never get to do anything artsy or let alone come up with their own words, so it was completely new and exciting. The posters turned out great and  you could just see the pride on their faces. Not all the words were correct and it wasn't the highest level of language but it was theirs and you could tell they loved it. So bye bye the ten best tricks to smooth legs and hello  “girl and naked leg.”  

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