Friday, April 8, 2011

Mama's Always right!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the things we are told as kids that we never listen to but as we get older ring true over and over again. Here are somethings that my mother has always said to me that I have found to be so true in my life here. Water really is a cure for pretty much anything. Exercising really does make your day a million times better. Getting out in nature is essential to happiness. Sometimes its really is better not to say anything (these last two are more my dad). Eating well is also a key to happiness. Veggies can taste good. These realizations came about when I was thinking about all the drastic mood swings we go through here. Its the nature of our work here and our situation that we are constantly on an emotional edge. One minute our ecstatic and the next your depressed. Looking at my days I realized that the days I don't go for a walk are the days that I feel most sluggish and low. The days I eat the greasy and starchy traditional Samoan food are the days I want to curl up and ignore the world. The times I try to explain too much or control things I get frustrated and angry. My best days are those I go with the flow, get outside for a nice walk, and eat fresh veg or fruit. Most of all the days that I drink lots of water, which seems to keep the constant headache at bay. No one can be happy with a head ache! Who would have thought that are parents actually new what they were talking about.

Other cool thoughts of the week:
1.   This is my life now! WOW
2.   The craziness here has stopped surprising me. This is now my normal!
3.   People are people no matter where they are in the world.
4.   True happiness is a choice with in yourself so you can find it anywhere.

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