Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bye Papa

Today was the first of my really hard goodbyes. I said good bye to a lot of friends when I graduated and also friends from Houston that have gone back to school this summer. So, it wasn't my first good bye nor my first tears shed, but this was different. This was my papa. My parents are moving to Nigeria this fall and my father had to leave to go and get things set up for their new life there. I have really enjoyed my summer at home, spending time with my parents and sisters. Again I realize how thankful I am that I didn't leave when I was supposed to and had more time with them. Isn't it funny how sometime things you think are a curse end up being blessings. My dad and I had a great last evening together, sharing wine, cheese, and tasty goodies, but it went too quickly. My father has always traveled a lot but it was hard to say goodbye knowing that it would be so long before I saw him again. How do you say good bye to one of people that made you? It’s impossible, especially when you have the most incredible parents like I do. All you can say is "I'll see you in Samoa," and then hope that time between now and your next meeting will pass quickly. My family is very close and my parents mean more to me then I could ever explain. I am so thankful for all the gifts my father has given me and I know they will help make me successful on this next adventure. Thank you papa and "I'll see you in Samoa."

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