Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eye of the Storm

These last couple days have been a real rollercoaster. Update; teeth are filled and a little sore, suspect mole removed and sent to lab, power of attorney given, vaccination records in the mail (let’s hope they get here before Monday), shopping done, and packing tonight. My sister comes in tomorrow so I want to have all the Samoa packing and prep done, so the weekend can be for family time. Things to do; eat Chipotle for lunch today, have Wings and More for dinner with Meg, have nice goodbye dinner with sisters and mama on Saturday, then Sunday have one of our family picnic style days where we sit outside, drink wine, eat cheese, olives, salamis, and other tasty treats. During all this there will be lots of crying, kissing, laughing, cuddling, and knowing my family dancing around in the kitchen. What a wonderful way to say good bye to my time in the States, me my sisters and my mama all together. I wish my dad could be here too but he is off in Nigeria preparing for my parents new life there and my mother will join him in a few weeks. So I will have to save up my papa love to pile it on him when my parents visit my in Samoa. It’s kind of hard to explain how I am feeling about leaving, especially as it seems to change daily. On Monday I did my last big Wal-Mart shop and left feeling like electricity was running through my veins, I wanted to scream and run and jump up and down. Then later that day I just kept saying “Oh my god” and trying to breathe deeply because I couldn’t catch my breath. Yesterday I had butterflies in my stomach all day and kept randomly crying. Today I have settled into some weird calm. It seems like I might be in the eye of the storm waiting for the other wave to hit. All of a sudden it’s the people around me freaking out and I just kind of keep saying “yeah” and nodding my head. Tomorrow is my last day of work and then my weekend and girl time begins. I am determined to spend the weekend basking in their love, laughing, and soaking it in. I don’t want to spend every minute thinking about leaving I just want to have a good time with my family and have that memory to take with me. Next time I write it will probably be from staging, so till then wish me luck and strength to say goodbye to the most wonderful mama and sister in the world.
Pino and Picasso in Houston with the girls!

The girls at my parents 25th wedding aniversery.

The Camp ladies throw back style! Check out the matching out fits mama made umm! She is such a bad ass!

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  1. Hi Rachael! If you feel like you have electricity running through your veins, you know you're right on track to leave in a few days! I hope you enjoyed your Chipotle meal. Can't wait to meet you. Have a safe flight!