Monday, September 27, 2010

Dallas Weekend...Oh Wait Just Kidding

There is one week left... and today is almost done… and I leave early in the morning on the fourth so… it doesn’t really count either. This means there is only six viable days left in the USA. OMG. I still feel like I have so much left to do. This past weekend I came done with a really bad upper respiratory infection, which cramped my style several ways. One, I couldn’t drive down to Dallas to say goodbye to my two roomies. Two I can’t get any immunizations while on antibiotics and the cycle doesn’t end until the day that I leave for LA. Three, I couldn’t do any Samoa shopping and I wasn’t able to play in my last softball game of the Season. This all equals, LAME. But there are also some nice upsides. My wonderful roomies surprised me and drove all the way down to Houston when they found out I was sick. The pharmacist says that he will make an exception and give me my N1H1 the day I leave as long as I promise not to still be sick (fingers crossed). Also it’s Monday and I already feel better, yay for drugs. I rallied enough on Saturday to take my girls for some amazing shopping (the non-Samoa kind) at our epic mall here in The Woo. Also we got to spend some quality time cuddling and watching movies. So all in all definitely ended up a pretty good weekend. Some more teary good byes, or like I said before really just see-you-laters. I know the hardest ones are still to come, but I will have to face that when it comes on Monday.
This next week is a big one. Fillings tomorrow at the dentist, worrisome moles check on Wednesday, sister comes in on Thursday, hopefully flu shot on Saturday, then last minute craziness on Sunday. Somewhere in there I have to love on my family as much as humanly possible. I did a little Samoa shopping last week at the outdoors store and am doing my last Wal-Mart shop tonight. My aim is to try and get some of my packing done this week because as Paul put it in his post (, I don’t want to be wasting my last couple days with my family locked in my room trying to make my luggage work.
Fun things to share
-there are now ten of us in contact from 83! Nancy, Lindsey, Sarah, Katie, Natalie, Jenny, Danny, David, Karen, and myself! (Seems like the girls are going to outnumber the boys)
-I bought a whole of bunch silly bands to give the kids in my class as rewards. This way they will learn the English name of the object the band makes and get fun toy type things. (I’m also curious if they will trade them and if they will migrate across the island and any other PC’s will encounter them)
-I bought a huge US flag and a huge Texas flag to decorate my classroom
- OU vs Texas is the weekend!! BOOMER SOONER!
-It’s beautiful weather in Texas, breezy, balmy and sunshine. What a great farewell J

All the tripod united

The Silly Bandz in their shapes

the bandz on a wrist, Im thinking Ill start a trend


  1. Stickers are a big hit too and they are just crazy about those pretend tattoos.

  2. haha thanks and those definitely sound like good care package fillers Ill spread the word to my mom!

  3. Ah, fake tattoos...excellent idea. I have a bag of kazoos. Parents may hate me.

  4. hah that is epic I cant wait to hear the chorus of kazoos haha